QuantumSIX AustraliaStandard modular kitchen
If you are going for a standard modular kitchen, you will need to be mindful that it may not fit exactly within the configuration or size of the room you have to work with. In this case you may need, for instance, some filler pieces to cover gaps.

Height: There are no varying heights in a standard kitchen. The wall cabinets, kickboards and bench tops all come in a standard height that you’re restricted to. The standard height of bench tops tends to be 910 mm. 

Width: Standard cabinet widths offer a little more variation. Typically, modular cabinets come in standard widths of 600 mm, 900 mm and 1200 mm, whereas in a custom kitchen you can get exactly the size that fills the space, so you can put what you want where you want it.


Depth: In a standard modular kitchen, the depth of a cabinet’s storage space – in the pantries and under benches – is also standard. Again, with a custom design you can make the cupboards deeper for more storage space or less deep to allow more open floor space and easier direct access to the contents of each cupboard.


  • Full 16mm solid Moisture resistant particleboard
  • Gloss Paint Doors
  • 5 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty